Gary Li participates in the 2017 Caltech Space Challenge


The Caltech Space Challenge is a 5-day international student space mission design competition. Students from a wide range of backgrounds are invited to Caltech, formed into two teams, and given a mission design problem. The teams attend lectures related to mission planning, are given the necessary development tools, and are challenged to produce a viable mission design. This confluence of people and resources is a unique opportunity for young and enthusiastic students to work with experienced professionals in academia, industry, and national laboratories.

This year, the challenge was to design a launch and supply station named Lunarport for deep space missions. Lunar in-situ resource utilization will allow larger (more massive) payloads to be launched from Earth, bringing deep-space a little closer for human exploration. Landing humans on Mars, Europa, or even an asteroid will be in the near future with Lunarport. Gary was a member of Team Voyager.

For more information, see the Caltech Space Challenge website: