Plasma and Space Propulsion Lab seeks qualified postdoctoral scholars in electrospray propulsion


Description: UCLA has recently received multi-year funding from NASA and DoD for important, ground-breaking research on electrospray thruster performance and life. We are seeking senior researchers to help lead multi-year efforts to understand extraction and plume behavior for conventional and advanced electrospray devices. Successful candidates will be involved with the following tasks: (1) designing and executing laboratory tests to investigate electrospray phenomena using advanced diagnostics pioneered at UCLA, (2) developing and using physics-based electrospray modeling and theory, and (3) collaborating with scientists and engineers at UCLA, NASA/JPL, NASA/Goddard, DoD/AFRL, and throughout the aerospace industry.

Education and desired experience: Ph.D. degree and experience in electrospray, space propulsion, and/or related fields (e.g., electrohydrodynamics, fluid mechanics, ionic liquids, chemical engineering, physical/electrochemistry). Experience and published work in experimentation, theory, and/or computational modeling in these fields. Experimentalist: strong laboratory experience with data acquisition, propellant feed, and vacuum systems. Computationalist: experience with physics-based computational and theoretical modeling. Mentoring and teamwork experience.

Core competencies: Creative and interdisciplinary thinking. Independent and collaborative problem solving. Teamwork and mentoring, with strong organizational skills. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Proven track record of innovative project contributions and publications. Open to working in a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment.

Contact: Please apply here. For more information on the UCLA Plasma & Space Propulsion Laboratory please visit the lab website. If you have any questions about your application or the position, please send them to Prof. Richard Wirz at ucla.wrg [at] We look forward to receiving your application.