Aero-structural Investigation of Biplane Wind Turbine Blades

TitleAero-structural Investigation of Biplane Wind Turbine Blades
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsJohnson, Perry M., and Richard E. Wirz
Keywords2D CFD, aerodynamics, biplane beam, biplane inboard region, structures
AbstractWind turbines are growing larger to reduce the cost of electricity. Advanced blades can reduce the cost of electricity by 15%. Blades must support large bending loads, which drive the structural design of the inboard region. This work investigates a biplane blade, which can improve the aero-structural performance of large blades. A comparison of 2D aerodynamic performance predicts greater lift-to-drag ratios for the biplane than the thick monoplane. A comparison of "monoplane beam" and "biplane beam" structures shows that a biplane beam has less than 30% of the deflection of a monoplane beam with the same length under a static triangular load. Aero-structural characteristics are improved with the biplane blade; hence, these potential benefits could lead to greater power and make the biplane blade an attractive design for large (3-7+ MW) wind turbines.

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