Building Engineers and Mentors: Planning for the Future

TitleBuilding Engineers and Mentors: Planning for the Future
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsRoth-Johnson, Elizabeth, Perry Roth-Johnson, Kymberly Alvarez, Jennifer Choi, Richard E. Wirz, and Greg Carman
Keywordsdiversity, hands-on activities, humanities, online learning videos, outreach, pre-assembled activity kits, STEM, TANMS
AbstractBuilding Engineers and Mentors (BEAM) brings hands-on STEM activities to underserved K-12 schools. Currently, BEAM at UCLA serves second- through eighth-grade students across three Los Angeles schools. Based on a shared interest in increasing the diversity of students who enter STEM fields, BEAM and TANMS have recently partnered together in our STEM outreach efforts. This partnership has already led to the creation of a BEAM course for credit and a fruitful collaboration with CSUN to create new lesson plan materials. Because TANMS will continue to provide support and infrastructure to BEAM over the next ten years, we have been thinking about potential future directions for BEAM. Here we present several ideas for expandin BEAM's reach and educational efforts in the near, medium, and long term. These future directions are designed to leverage the TANMS resources available to us, and to take advantage of UCLA's diverse community and educational environment.

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