Laser-induced Fluorescence Measurements of Energetic Ions in a 100-A LaB6 Hollow Cathode Plume

TitleLaser-induced Fluorescence Measurements of Energetic Ions in a 100-A LaB6 Hollow Cathode Plume
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsDodson, Chris A., Daniel Perez-Grande, Benjamin A. Jorns, Dan M. Goebel, and Richard E. Wirz
Conference Name52nd AIAA/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Propulsion and Energy Forum,
Date Published07/2016
Conference LocationSalt Lake City, UT
AbstractIon acoustic turbulence (IAT) has been found to exist in the plume of hollow cathodes and is suspected to be one of the contributing mechanisms to the production of energetic ions. In this work the ion velocity distribution has been measured using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) at several high-current operating conditions on the centerline of a 100 A class hollow cathode. The wave energy associated with IAT was also measured and shown to correlate with the ion temperature deduced from the LIF measurements. Both parameters are found to increase with distance downstream of the cathode keeper face. A parametric study of the ion heating as a function of discharge current and cathode flow rate was also performed. It was found that both increasing current and decreasing flow rate increased the amount of ion heating but the change in heating was more sensitive to flow rate. These results strongly support the theory that IAT is a significant contributor to energetic ion production in hollow cathodes.

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