Magnetically Shielded Miniature (MaSMi) Hall Thruster

TitleMagnetically Shielded Miniature (MaSMi) Hall Thruster
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsConversano, Ryan W., Dan M. Goebel, Richard R. Hofer, Taylor S. Matlock, and Richard E. Wirz
KeywordsHall Thruster, Magnetic Shielding

The MaSMi (Magnetically Shielded Miniature) Hall thruster is designed to provide a low-power, long life, and high efficiency electric propulsion system to meet the demands of future and near-term space missions. The device was conceived to fill a current technology gap: no Hall thruster demonstrates long operational life (10,000+ hrs.) & high efficiency (50+ %) at low power levels (< 500 W). Initial performance testing of the MaSMi Hall thruster revealed a calculated thrust of 19 mN with a specific impulse of 1870 s at a total efficiency of 43% (59% anode efficiency). Calculated erosion rates of the thruster's discharge channel suggest an increase in operational life by approximately 3 orders of magnitude when compared to conventional low-power Hall thrusters. Future efforts will include further validation of these performance metrics and computational modeling of the plasma inside the MaSMi Hall thruster's discharge channel.

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