Prof. Richard Wirz Anirudh Thuppul Angelica Ottaviano Mary Konopliv

Advanced Materials for Plasma-Exposed Robust Electrodes:


Current fusion plasma-facing materials require a significant annual maintenance cost and degrade the core fusion plasma conditions.
UCLA-developed plasma-favorable volumetrically-architectured materials are a novel electrode technology providing
reduced erosion rates and plasma contamination


Volumetrically-architectured materials provide persistent sputter reduction
Further and significant reduction is found by designing these materials to allow plasma-infusion


Develop the next generation plasma-resilient/favorable materials that persistently reduce sputter for fusion devices:

  • Demonstrate plasma-favorable materials by significant reduction (up to 80-90%) of plasma-contaminating sputterants
  • Reduce operational cost by increasing the lifetime (5X steady to 10X pulsed over SOTA) of critical fusion components