Lab-scale demonstration of thermal energy storage concept with sulfur

Amey Barde Kaiyuan Jin Mitchell Shinn Karthik Nithyanandam Richard Wirz

The bundled TES is designed to demonstrate the performance of sulfur based thermal energy storage system operating in the temperature range of 200-600 C to store at least 5kWh thermal energy. The bundled TES design is based on the shell and tube heat exchanger, with sulfur tubes enclosed in a rectangular shell. 10 sulfur tubes are installed that results in a total storage capacity up to 8 kWh. Total 21 baffles are installed that provide tortuous path for air and enhance heat transfer between air and sulfur. A cartridge heater is installed in each sulfur container so that the TES system can be thermally charged in a hybrid mode. The system is insulated using high temperature microporous insulation to minimize the heat loss. The experimental measurements from the full cycle testing will also be utilized to validate the numerical model that is developed to investigate the influence of various design and operating parameters on the performance of thermal battery.