Pressure-temperature characteristics of sulfur

Amey Barde Mitchell Shinn Richard Wirz

Pressure-temperature characteristics of sulfur are investigated in sealed containers up to 600 degrees C. The analysis provides crucial information regarding the maximum system pressure during thermal charging and discharging of the system. The sulfur container is designed based on the maximum system pressure for safe and effective containment sulfur over a long period of operation. During this analysis, effect of sulfur loading fraction on the system pressure is studied. The loading fraction of the sulfur is defined in Figure 4 below. The experiments were conducted for three different loading fraction, 20%, 50%, and 80%. Experimental determination of sulfur pressure temperature characteristics have shown that sulfur has a desirably low vapor pressure (< 200 PSIg at 600 ℃). Ultimately, such a modest vapor pressure results in being able to design a system with tubes of small pipe thickness (schedule 10) that leads to low containment cost. In addition, effect of sulfur container material (SS316L, SS316 and Inconel) on the pressure-temperature characteristics were studied. No significant effect of container material was found on the pressure-temperature characteristics.