System and technoeconomic modeling of multi-phase and thermochemical thermal energy storage

Louis Tse Adrienne Lavine Karthik Nithyanandam Richard Wirz

The goal of this task is to develop a tool for monitoring the performance of the developed TES system in operation with micro-CSP, parabolic troughs, and solar power towers. An in-house thermodynamic system/cost model informed by theoretical and numerical analysis of sulfur species equilibria is developed to estimate the cost and exergy efficiency of MacroTES for different CSP applications. The system model is designed to simulate the overall thermal energy system using sub-models for the solar field, thermal storage, and generation. Exergy analysis of the overall system illustrates opportunities for performance enhancement to maximize efficiency. This simulation tool optimizes the multi-variable equations of system specifications to meet the required cost and performance targets of Department of Energy (DOE).